Investor Relations

Precision Castparts Corp. (PCP) became a publicly traded company in 1968 and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1989. At the present time, of the approximately 144 million shares outstanding, more than 95 percent is institutionally owned.

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Corporate Governance

The following Corporate Governance documents have been made available for download in PDF format.

Approximate file sizes are listed below.

Audit Committee Charter (file size 70k)

PDF FileDownload the Revised Audit Charter (5/23/2012)

Compensation Committee Charter (file size 43K)

PDF File Download Compensation_Charter_5-13.pdf

Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee Charter (file size 40K)

PDF File Download NCG_Charter_5-13.pdf

Corporate Governance Guidelines (file size 56.2K)

PDF File Download 6-Corporate%20Governance_2-11.pdf

Code of Conduct (file size 6.0Mb) 

PDF File Download PCC Code of Conduct

Financial Code of Professional Conduct (file size 1Mb) 

PDF File Download 8-Financial_Code_of_Professional_Conduct_4-08.pdf

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Company Quarterly Financials

Q3 FY15
Sept 29, 2014 - Dec 28, 2014
Sales $2,459M
Consolidated Segment
Operating Income
Margin % 27.2%
Earnings Per Share From Cont. Operations $3.09
Sales By Market 
General Industrial
& Other:
Number of Employees (approx., from cont. ops) 29,600
Number of Manufacturing Locations 159
Next Earnings Release Date:
May 07, 2015
For more complete details, visit our SEC Filings page.